Key Staff

Tom Hedberg is the president and fearless leader of Hedberg Maps. Founder of Latitudes Map and Travel Store in 1987 and Hedberg Maps in 1994, he’s had a lifelong fascination with travel and geography, and a passion for useful products. Tom lives with his wife Jennifer and three children (and two Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers) in scenic south Minneapolis. Life activities include tennis, chess, biking, and playing the piano. E-mail Tom

Jennifer Hedberg is a freelance graphic designer and consultant. Her creativity and vision are the driving force behind some of our most successful projects, such as The Santa Map. She is currently the coordinator of the forthcoming Twin Cities Youth Sports and Recreation Atlas. Jennifer contributes regularly in many areas including research and proofing, and also utilizes her professional graphic design abilities in a myriad of ways. One might wonder where she finds the time to do all this while managing a busy household of three very active children plus non-stop community volunteer work. To recharge, Jennifer enjoys snowboarding, sailboarding, and walking the city lakes. E-mail Jennifer

Nat Case is the head of production. He joined Latitudes in 1991 and quickly became its cartographer. While Hedberg Maps was split off from Latitudes, he became the head of production. He lives a mile from the office in Northeast Minneapolis with his wife, delightful son, and cat Havi. E-mail Nat

Dorothy Jordan was drawn to the company when she discovered The Santa Map in a local bookstore. Determined to meet the creative minds behind this artful, imaginative and educational cross-cultural map, she wrote to Tom Hedberg and requested a meeting. One meeting led to another and now Dorothy is delighted to be contributing to business development via office adminstration, sales, marketing, PR and proofreading. E-mail Dorothy

Nate Sievers joined the company in 2004 and works as a cartographer and designer. He brings years of design and production experience with him, and a keen cartographic eye. He lives in Golden Valley, MN with his wife and son.

We also work extensively with a group of talented independent cartographers and research assistants. If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please E-mail Nat Case, our Head of Production.